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The Magic

Colorblind is a labor of love contributed to by some of the top individuals and artists in the film and music industry.

We thank such fine people as: The Harlem Spiritual Ensemble and their Director, Dr. Francois Clemmons for their musical contributions that grace Colorblind throughout the film. Through original interpretations of spirituals, this world-renowned ensemble brings to life the vital spirit expressed in these songs. (Dr. Francois Clemmons is also known for his 30 years of work entertaining children as Officer Clemmons on The Mr. Roger’s Show.)

Legendary Hollywood artist, John Taylor Dismukes, upon hearing the incredible story of teacher Alvin Bell and his class of 1968, offered his award-winning talents to create the film poster for Colorblind. With over 250 awards to his name, Mr. Dismukes is best known for his creation of award-winning posters for the Star Trek motion pictures, and for the The Addams Family. For decades he has been known for his award-winning posters created for such rock superstars as: The Grateful Dead, Steppenwolf, and Foreigner, (and the list goes on). We are honored to have him give so much to this project.

From Cable Television’s #1 Show (American Chopper), Director of Photography Adam Moyer, dedicated many days of his time towards the making of Colorblind as a Director of Photography over some of Colorblind’s most moving and emotional segments.

Colorblind is a culmination of miracles and heart. The work has come together as if it was almost “preordained to do so”. May Colorblind revive the childhood heart in all of us. It is a tribute to a giant of a man,Alvin Bell, who profoundly touched the hearts and minds of thousands of students over his 30 year career as an educator. May Colorblind serve as a tribute to all of those teachers and individuals who positively make a difference in the lives of children daily.

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